Export your records from Hive

Using our tool, moving records will surely be a seamless process needing little to zero coding expertise.

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Your data is safe

The credentials you give us are employed during the transition only and are removed from the system right after the export due to our Privacy Policy. Also, your records export is performed under a protected connection throughout the process.

Optimal & Precise
We’ve studied numerous Project Management Systems and included any possible peculiarities of each to ensure the most precise and efficient data export outcome.
Customers trust us
Relokia is a leading company in the cloud migration industry, developing the best data migration services on the market. 5-star reviews on Capterra and G2 are some of the meaningful examples.

Our greatest perks

Easy way

Great usability

We developed our data export method for the customers’ convenience. That’s exactly why it is straightforward. The tool demands no developing experience to exploit for a successful Project Management System migration.


Exporting custom fields

Regardless of the smallest details you require to migrate, we’ll easily deal with the task of moving even custom task fields or custom sections.


Custom fields
Data filtering

Data filtering

If you don’t want all the data from your source platform on the target one, then we offer data filtering to transfer only the information, that you will need on the target platform.


Preserving the relationships between your records

When transferring your Project Management data, we keep all the connections accurately as they were between the records. So, you don’t have to be anxious about the right organization of data after the migration.


Easy connection

Outstanding customer service and support

Be sure to get excellent customer service and support during the full from the beginning till the end of the data transition process. Our data migration experts will help you with any probable concern.


Entities you can export from Hive

*This is the standard set of the entities possible to export during data migration and it can alter for certain platforms.

  • Users
  • Teams
  • Workspaces
  • Projects

    including Folders, Custom Sections, Boards/Lists

  • Tasks

    including Comments, Attachments, Custom Fields, Subtasks/Checklists, and Tags

The process of data export from Hive described step-by-step

  • Contact our expects

    Together with our specialists, you will discuss the scope of work, the amount of time, and the rest of details necessary to carry out your data migration with the best result.

  • Connect Hive and your new system

    Provide the needed credentials to be able to reach your source Project Management System data and migrate it to the target one.

  • Schedule your data migration

    Establish when almost all of the users are off as this period is the most appropriate to complete the data export.

  • Export records from Hive

    Begin with a full data transition to move all the planned records into your new Project Management System.

  • Enjoy using your new Project Management System!

    When the data transition is finished, you may securely use your ready-to-use platform!

Your data is protected in the professional hands of Relokia experts!

We elaborate and also exploit the most efficient methods to keep the maximum safety of your data throughout the data transfer.

How much does Data Export from Hive cost?

The price of your Export from Hive data transfer will mostly lean on the business data volume you need to move, the complexity of your specifications, and customizations you’ll ask for. Set a Free Demo to test the Migration Wizard perform and figure out how much your data transfer will cost.

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