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How Does Export Data from Miro Work?

Go through some simple steps to export Miro project data with migration tool. In case you have unique requirements, consider selecting a tailored way.

Step 1. Connect your current and destination project management systems.

Step 2. Configure your connection and pick the data.

Step 3. Pick the project records you want to export.

Step 4. Check and align the data fields across platforms.

Step 5. Start a Test Run to preview the exported data.

Step 6. If everything is satisfactory, proceed with the Full Migration.

Great job! Your Miro export is complete. You can now move forward with your project management migration using the new team collaboration solution.

Step 1. Reach out to our support team to chat regarding your specific Miro export.

Step 2. Our IT reps will create a personalized Miro export setup tailored to your demands.

Step 3. Evaluate the accuracy of record migration with a Cost-free Demo.

Step 4. If everything is acceptable, proceed with the Complete Data Migration.

Congratulations on finishing your Miro data transfer. Now get ready to boost your team’s workflow with a new project management solution.

Why Project Management Migration Is the Ideal Option to Transfer Miro Project

Miro transfer in a effortless way

Effortlessly export data from Miro using our automated migration service. Migrate Miro data to CSV, or any other project management software smoothly. Say goddbye to copy-paste data transfer and welcome your new project management tool.

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Maintain records security during the export.

At Project Management Migration, we take data protection seriously. We use advanced security measures and rigorous audits to assure the protection of your data export throughout each step of the data migration process. This encompasses data monitoring, server protection, adherence to regulatory requirements, and more.

Confidently migrate records with a trusted migration solution

Our team's exceptional status in project management data export, backed by positive testimonials and awards, makes us a top choice. And that's not all. We continuously boost the Migration Wizard capabilities to enhance your experience.

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Increase your data migration capabilities with strong mapping

Protect records connections and minimize copy-paste data transfer with Project Management Migration. Our automated migration tool facilitate seamless mapping of default and custom fields. You can also map Miro and current users and simply add any missing profiles or fields.

Effortless export from Miro, no downtime

Set a favorable time for your Miro data export to eliminate any interference with your team workflow. Alternatively, opt for Delta Migration to transfer historical data in Full Data migration and then transfer the changes done during the Full Migration. So your team to carry on with the current project management software during the migration.

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Get help from our knowledgeable support team

No need to address transfer difficulties alone. Our support team, with years of experience in data migration, is available to help you through the entire migration process. Simply reach out to our support reps for any inquiry about your project management export from Miro, and they will handle the rest.

What Records Can You Transfer to Miro Automatically?

Our Migration Wizard easily transfers various types of objects between project management solutions. Thus, Miro data transfer is under development at the moment. Contact our dedicated support team to discuss your case and they'll craft a personalized data migration option tailored to your requirements.

Download checklist

Find out how to export data from Miro

Get ready to project management data from Miro by referring to a step-by-step manual.

How much does it cost to move records from Miro?

Miro records export cost varies based on such factors as the volume of records, personalizations, and complexity of the export. Take advantage of a Free Demo Migration to explore the features of Migration Wizard and calculate the price of your records export.

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How Is Your Tasks Protected during Miro export?

We value the security of your project management records during the export. Our team ensures strict records security measures to assure its protection.

Two-factor authorization

Turn on 2FA authentication to secure your account. With 2FA, only you can gain entry to it. Every time you log in to the Migration Wizard, you'll need an authentication code.

Three-layer records protection for your project management records

We assure three layers of data safety for your migration: physical safety (against attacks), network safety (against cyber threats), and application security (against unauthorized access).

Complying to security standards

Your records security is our top priority, and we comply to industry security standards. Migration Wizard is in line with certifications such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and PCI (Level 1), and we keep on adding more certifications to our portfolio.

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