Data migration from
Oracle Primavera to Asana

Together with our service, data migration actually is a seamless process needing little to no scripting skills.

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We care about your security

The access credentials you grant us are utilized during the migration process only and are removed from the system right after the migration according to our Privacy Policy. In addition, your data transfer is performed under a protected connection throughout the procedure.

Quick & Flawless
We’ve inspected numerous Project Management Systems and have taken into consideration all probable peculiarities of each to ensure the most accurate and efficient data migration outcome.
Companies trust us
Relokia is a leading company in the cloud migration industry, providing the best data migration tools on the market. 5-star customer reviews on Capterra and G2 Crowd are some of the bright examples.

The most noticeable advantages

Easy way

Great usability

We built our migration system for the customers’ comfort. That’s exactly why it is so simple to make use of. The tool requires no coding experience to use for a successful Project Management System migration.


Custom fields migration

No matter if you need to migrate such details as custom task fields or custom sections, it’s a no-brainer for our service.


Custom fields
Data filtering

Data filtering

In case you don’t want all the data from your current system on the future one, then we offer data filtering to move only those records, which you will need on the future platform.


Data relationships maintenance

When importing your Project Management data, we maintain all the relationships precisely as they were on the source system. So, there’s no need to worry about the correct structure of records.


Easy connection

Stellar customer service

Be sure to get top-notch customer service and support throughout the whole data migration procedure. Our data migration specialists will help you with any possible issue.


Entities you can migrate from Oracle Primavera to Asana

*This is the default listing of the entities available for data migration and it can differ for particular platforms.

How does the data migration from to work

  • Contact our expects

    Together with our experts, you will discuss the scope of work, the amount of time, and other additional details required to perform your data migration with the best outcome.

  • Connect Oracle Primavera and Asana

    Provide the required credentials in order to access your source Project Management System data and import it to the future one.

  • Schedule an import date

    Determine at which time most of the users are offline as this period is the most appropriate to complete the data migration.

  • Move records to Asana

    Start a full data import to move all the necessary records to your new Project Management System.

  • Enjoy using your new Project Management System!

    When the data migration is complete, you can safely use your ready-to-use platform!

Your data is secure in the trustable hands of Relokia experts!

We create and apply the most effective methods to keep the maximum safety of your records throughout the data import.

Unpuzzle the price of Oracle Primavera to Asana migration

How much will you need to invest in the switch from Oracle Primavera to Asana? The price will largely depend on the amount of business data you need to move, the complexity of your requirements, and customizations you’ll inquire. Set a Free Demo to check the Migration Wizard work and find out how much your data switch will cost.

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