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Thinking about migrating your Users to Asana? Then, you’re in the right place. To preserve your valuable time, we developed the high-class data migration service. You may ask why you should choose us when there’s a variety of oher options. Well, we expected this kind of question, thus part below, we’ll assure you that our tool is your best solution to transfer Users to Asana.

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Comparing native importers/exporters to Project Management Migration by Relokia

Most Project Management Systems have created their own importers or exporters to help you move your Users. But are those tools effective enough?

Native(internal) importers/exporters

cancel To transfer your records, you will have to modify your CSV/Excel file according to the requirements of Asana. Most likely, it will take lots of nerve and precious time.
cancel Internal importers have limitations considering the number of records available for migrate within one file. So , if you have a considerable bunch of data, you will have to divide them into several bunches.
cancel Internal importers usually permit importing only Tasks together with data connected to them, thus, you won’t be able to migrate everything needed from your platform.
cancel Internal importers don’t offer timely professional support before and throughout the importing process.
check_circle The migration process is totally free of charge

Project Management Migration by Relokia

check_circle Our team of experts has extensive experience in data import services, including the migration of Users. So , choosing us, you can spend your valuable time on more essential tasks instead of learning Asana documentation.
check_circle Getting the files ready for data migration is a complex process indeed, as you must fine-tune the data to the format appropriate for Asana. Our team will transfer all the needed objects with the correct formatting to make sure that you don’t have to handle this dull task.
check_circle It’s possible to alter and filter data during the migration
check_circle You get the award-winning support recognized by G2 as Best Support in Cloud Migration category
check_circle The migration process is reasonably priced

Why choose your service over the API-based data migration?

Internal developers to migrate via API

cancel In the most cases, in-house development team will have more crucial issues to care for instead of migrating info.
cancel Your team of programmers still should spend some time and efforts to learn Asana API in detail
cancel Coding from the beginning is a lengthy process

External developers and freelancers

cancel They give no assurance of the successful outcome
cancel Weak support
cancel It’s likely that the majority of freelancers will find the job too difficult and you will have to search for a new one, which implies starting over again
cancel External developers may still require some time in order to understand the API eccentricities of Asana
cancel Coding will require a lot of time if started from the very beginning
cancel Usually, services of outsource developers are expensive

Project Management Migration by Relokia

check_circle Relokia has already been in data migration for a long time and is well-known for providing excellent services in the sphere, so be sure to rely on us with your Project Management import.
check_circle We ensure that all the information will migrate properly and the relations between them will be preserved
check_circle Our team offers the award-winning assistance recognized by G2 as Best Support in Cloud Migration category.
check_circle You pay a fair price for a safe and quality migration.

Manually moving the data comparing to Project Management Migration by Relokia

Migrating the data manually

cancel The manual migration requires lots of time that can be used for fix more crucial issues.
cancel There is a high probability of inaccuracies or even errors when completing such a dull task by hand.
check_circle Totally free.

Project Management Migration by Relokia

check_circle You can count on Relokia as we’ve been in the data migration industry for years and gained a status of a trusted service
check_circle Our tool is fully automated what makes the data import quick and secure
check_circle Our customer support services are acknowledged by G2 as Best Support in Cloud Migration category
check_circle The price for data migration is affordable and transparent

Our company is sure that data import doesn’t have to be complicated. And we’re making everything feasible to maximally simplify it for our clients. So why waste your valuable time and efforts when there is a professional team with years of experience in data transition that can guarantee the most accurate result? Just take a look at the migration services we offer to see with your own eyes:

The great reputation we’ve gained among our customers is incredibly important for our team. That’s exactly why we make every effort possible to ensure the secure and quick migration procedure as well as precise migration results.
We designed our migration tool to be able to move large bundles of data, so we can assure the excellent outcome with any quantity of information.
Our support team offer superb support and will happily answer any question regarding your data transition as well as support you throughout the complete procedure.
You will definitely get all of the mentioned above and more choosing our service for your data migration.

Why should you trust us with your data migration?

Our tool is completely secure as we understand how data security is important for our clients. All the information you share with us, as well as the objects you want to import, are completely confidential.
You obtain top-notch support from the team of experts before and throughout the complete import process. You won’t be left alone if you’re choosing our team.
Using our migration tool, all of your Users will be migrated to the new platform exactly as they were on the source one. It will be possible to overview the result and begin working on your new Project Management System immediately after the import is done.

Automated data migration software that works as expected

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