How to Estimate the Project Management System Migration Price?

The automated data transfer takes the heavy part of importing your records to the desired project management system. The price depends on the amount of data you want to migrate and the easiest way to get your data transfer price is to set up and run a Free Demo migration.

You get 20 records migrated to check: How they look on your destination product management platform; Whether you need extra migration customizations or data filtering; Whether your project management transfer requires some migration changes.
Choose the project management data for migration and pay only for those records. With Project Management Migration, you have clear pricing. Also, you are free to buy separately: business data filtering and leave some records behind, change the process to your requirements, or customize other migration aspects.
The pricing is detailed and transparent – and it’s based on what customizations or support service offering you need to run a successful data migration without overpaying.
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How Does Pricing Work?

Number of records

The price of transfer depends on the amount of data you want to migrate to a new project management platform.

Additional Options

Speed up your project management software change with extra customizations to upgrade your data migration.


Sort out your data and adjust the migration process the way you want.

Why Do Startups and Large Companies Choose Project Management System Migration?

Migration costs
Arkansas tech university

Faster data transfer

Loved by users
The transition was made easy. The service was excellent, during all the steps of the transition we felt taken care of and monitored perfectly.
Gauthier Escorbiac Supervisor of Customer Service at Thule group

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