Simplifying your data migration

Project Management System migration services

There’s a better way to spend your time and resources than manually adding hundreds or even thousands of entries to a new system. Discover a fast and simple way to migrate projects.

You may choose from the following services:

  • Migration of the key Project management system entities, namely:

    Workspaces and projects (including Boards/Lists, Custom fields, and project sections), Tasks (including Comments, Attachments, Tags, Subtasks/Checklists), Users, Teams, and many more.

  • Precise maintenance of the data connections.
    With our data migration service, be sure that all the interrelations between your records will be preserved exactly as they are.
  • Custom data source
    Export and import data from custom project management systems or any other sources.
  • Data filtering
    Filter your data by date, projects, tags, custom fields, etc. and, thus, migrate only the records that you need.
  • Delta migration
    Our service allows migrating the data created or updated during/after the migration to keep everything up-to-date.
  • Extended Support Hours
    Customer service agents will be available on the weekend and during holidays if needed.
  • Exact price estimation
    We discuss all the migration details with you and calculate the price for your unique case.

Starts from $1

The migration price depends on the number of records you have on your current project management system. The enlisted services can be purchased separately or in a bundle.


Data remigration services

It happens that after the data migration is already complete, customers want to re-run the same process employing other settings. In this case, we can offer a data remigration service.

The remigration service costs 50% of the full price of the initial data migration.


Assistance implementing the new Project Management System.

We also offer our help in setting up and implementing your new Project Management System. Leave the hard work for our professionals and start out with a fully prepared system.



Top 3 Frequently-Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of records you can migrate?

In general, there are no limitations to the number of data to move with our tool. So, no matter how much data you have, we’ll deal with it.

Do you delete the data from the source system after the migration?

No, the tool only transfers the copy of your records from the source system to the target one. So, all your records will remain in the old system after the migration.

Do you still have access to my PM systems after the migration?

No, we erase all the passwords and customer info after the migration according to our Privacy policy.

Any more questions?

Get in touch with our support team. They are always happy to help with any issue.

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