How to Create an Avaza API Key?

To import projects to or from Avaza, you must connect with Migration Wizard by creating an API Key in your Avaza account. This API Key allows our migration app to read and write records in your target platform.

To generate a new API key in Avaza, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings.

Avaza Settings

2. Select Manage Developer Apps in the account settings.

Manage Developer Apps Avaza

3. Click on the "Add Personal Access Token" button on the popup that appears.

Add Personal Access Token Avaza

4. Provide a Name for the token and select all the access scopes.

Personal Access Token Avaza

Note: Select all access scopes for Migration Wizard to read and write project data in your source and target platforms.

5. Click "Save" to create the token.

6. Copy API key and paste it in the Migration Wizard.

Avaza API Key

Note: The API Key will be displayed only once, so be sure to securely copy and store it for future use.

7. Once you’ve connected Avaza, proceed with a Free Demo.

Avaza Migration Wizard

Note: Avoid deleting an API Token during an ongoing Free Demo or Full Data Migration. Doing so can suspend your data migration if your access credentials become invalid.

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