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Understanding project management migration pricing: How is it calculated?

The cost of migrating your project management data from one platform to another is determined by several factors:

  • Number of users, tasks, and subtasks: The total amount of data you want to migrate, including the number of users, tasks, and subtasks, will impact the project management migration price.
  • Source and Target tools: The cost of migrating data varies depending on the source and target platforms you're using.
  • Customizations: Any customizations may require additional work to ensure your records are migrated properly.
  • Support package: The level of support you require will also impact the overall cost of the data migration project.
Note: During the Demo Migration, subtasks are counted as tasks, which means that the Demo results will show more tasks than those on your actual account.

To get a more accurate estimate of the data migration price, run a Free Demo Migration.

Can you migrate data from several projects?

If you are planning to migrate data from several projects, note that the pricing will be calculated separately for each project. The total cost will depend on the combined number of users, tasks, and subtasks from all the projects you want to migrate.

What is customization and how is the price calculated for custom project management migration?

Customization refers to modifying the default data migration to meet specific requirements, such as migrating data from a custom source tool or filtering data to import only specific records.

Customization fees are billed separately in addition to the data migration cost. To get a quote for your customization needs, contact our sales reps.

If you need to make adjustments your data migration, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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