Shortcut Data Export with Relokia

The Relokia team tries its best to help you migrate your data from one project management platform to another. Therefore, we keep widening our list of Supported Platforms on a regular basis.

Recently, we’ve added a possibility to export your data from Shortcut and migrate it to any other project management platform of your choice. Keep reading this article for more details on Shortcut data export.

What is Shortcut

Shortcut is a platform that assists teams in planning, building, and evaluating their work. On top of that, Shortcut offers a user-friendly interface and broad functionality to manage your projects. You can use Roadmaps, Epics, Teams, and Milestones to connect your team members to accomplish big goals. Plus, keep an eye on your project progress with time in workflow state graphs and burndown charts.

What Shortcut data you can export

If you’ve decided to give another project management platform a try and migrate from Shortcut, here is the list of entities you can export from your current Shortcut platform and transfer to a new one:

  • Projects/Folders
  • Tasks (together with their Groups, Tags, and Attachments)
  • Dates for Tasks (including “Due,” “Completed At,” “Created,” and “Updated” ones)
  • Task Comments
  • Completed (True/False) Fields
  • Users

Use the Migration Wizard tool to smoothly transfer your records from Shortcut. Have specific requests? Contact us for a personalized Shortcut data export solution.

How to export your data from Shortcut

To migrate your data from Shortcut with the help of the Migration Wizard tool, follow these steps:

1. Sign up for or log in to your Migration Wizard account and click on the “Start Migration” button.

2. Select Shortcut as your source platform and fill in an API Key.

Source Platform Shortcut Export

3. Configure your Shortcut connection by selecting a Team for your data migration.

Source Configuration Shortcut Export

Note: Make sure to check the peculiarities of Shortcut data export before you proceed with your Demo.

4. Choose your target platform and type in the necessary information.

Target Platform Shortcut Export

Note: Depending on a platform you’re migrating to, you might also need to configure the Target connection.

Target Configuration Shortcut Export

5. Select objects you’d like to migrate from Shortcut to a new platform.

Select Object Shortcut Export

6. Ensure member profiles match and pick a default user for unassigned, or inactive profiles.

Member Matching Shortcut Export

7. Align task fields, both defalt and custom, and consider adding missing custom fields. System fields matched automatically.

Task Mapping Shortcut Export

8. Start a free Demo Migration and wait till Migration Wizard generates your migration preview.

Demo Migration Shortcut Export

9. After your Demo is complete, go through reports for migrated, skipped, and failed records to make sure your data migrated in a proper way.

Demo Results Shortcut Export

Note: Proceed to the next step only if you are satisfied with the result of your demo migration. If there is anything you would like to change, contact us immediately.

10. Start the Full Data Migration to migrate all the necessary records from Shortcut to a new project management platform.

Let’s export your data from Shortcut!

That’s it. Now you know what data can migrate from Shortcut and how the process looks like. If you still have any questions left, drop us a line, and export your Shortcut data in a secure and easy way!

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