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What Does Project Import and Export in Trello Go?

Smoothly import tasks into Trello with our automated migration service. Nevertheless, if you have any non-standard requirements, opt for a personalized approach.

Step 1. Integrate your starting and desired project management systems.

Step 2. Set up your connection by selecting the projects you wish to add.

Step 3. Pick the project records you wish to bring in.

Step 4. Verify that the data fields are synced correctly in both platforms and make any necessary adjustments if necessary.

Step 5. Begin a Free Demo to preview how the data will be displayed following the project import.

Step 6. If everything seems good, proceed with the Full Data Migration.

Congratulations on achieving your smooth Trello import. You can now return to work on your assignments using your fresh collaboration tool.

Step 1. Get in touch with our dedicated support staff to address a customized data import for Trello.

Step 2. Be patient while our technology team personalizes a task import just for you.

Step 3. Go for a Demo Migration to check the reliability of all transferred records.

Step 4. When all aspects seems great, move forward with your Entire Data Migration.

You're good to go with your Trello transfer. Get ready to welcome a universe of new task management potentials.

Why Project Management Migration Is the Ideal Solution for Importing Your Information to Trello

Importing to Trello became simple

Through our transfer service, you are simply one click away from a successful data migration between Trello. Import data in CSV, XML, or other project management software within a handful of click. Hence, say goodbye to manually-performed data transfer and welcome to a new product management tool quickly.

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Secure your information protected while transferring

Our Project Management Migration service ensures data safety very importantly. Our team use a combination of advanced security measures and strong audits to ensure the security of your project import in every step of the transfer process. This incorporate data monitoring, server protection, regulatory adherence, and more.

Migrate project information with a dependable transfer tool

Having good reviews and awards, our team remains one of the top options for project management information transfer. But we don't stop there. Our team continuously upgrades the Migration Wizard, introducing fresh functionality to offer an even user experience.

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Take advantage from strong mapping capabilities

Retain task connections and decrease manual data input with Project Management Migration. Our automated migration service enables you to associate default and custom fields effortlessly. You can also match users and conveniently set up any missing profiles or fields during the migration to Trello.

Carry out a seamless migration to Trello

Arrange your Trello transfer during inactive hours so your team workflow won't be affected. Or select for a Delta Migration to move source project management data first and then the updates. So, your staff can still operating with the existing project management software during the transfer.

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Depend on our support team for advice

You don't have to face data migration challenges on your own. The experienced support team is ready to support you throughout the entire process. Easily contact our team regarding your project planning transfer to Trello, and they will be happy to support you take care of everything.

What Records Can You Move to Trello Automatically?

The Migration Wizard facilitates you to import a wide range of different record types to Trello. Here’re what data entities you can migrate to your new project management software effortlessly.

Have any custom demands for your records transfer into Trello? Contact our assistance team to discuss details.

Project Management entities

Download checklist

Uncover how to transfer tasks to Trello

Get ready for importing information to Trello by checking to a comprehensive gradual tutorial.

How much exactly does Trello project import pricing?

The Trello data import pricing is determined on the various factors: data volume, additional modifications, and import complexity. Experience a Free Demo Migration to test how Migration Wizard works and discover the price of your project import.

Run a Demo to get the price

How Can We Secure Your Data while Migration to Trello?

We endeavor to maintain your project information as safe as achievable throughout the migration process. That’s why our professionals continuously follows rigorous security measures.

Two-step authentication (2FA)

Benefit from the 2FA option to secure your app profile. When logging in to the Migration Wizard, you will be asked for an authorization code, making sure only authenticated individuals can enter your profile.

Three-tier information safeguarding

The import process is protected with 3-level different layers: physical (guarding against logical and physical attacks), network layer (to protect from cyber attacks), and application layer (to guard against any access.)

Protection adherence

Ensuring the data protection and adhere to various major security standards. Our migration tool is compliant with multiple compliance standards, such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI (Level 1,) as well as numerous, with the number regularly growing.

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Experience a Data Import to Trello with Minimal Input

Entrust your data import to our Migration Wizards and continue with your assignments without disruption
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Advice along with perspectives about data transfer

Now for delve deep about data transfer best practices and project management techniques. Explore our online platform.

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