Notion and Trello: A Complete Project Management Tool Overview

The project management tool is essential to assist a team or individual in managing tasks and projects and organizing work effectively. You can purchase a project management tool online or even use the tool for free. 

As you can understand by the name, a project management tool is not only for project managers. These tools are built in a way that they can facilitate anyone after customization. Moreover, users can fit the tool according to the goals and size of different teams.

Features of Project Management Software

You can define the project management tool with various features offered. They include below features but are not limited to these benefits:

Scheduling or Planning - You can plan and delegate your work on a single platform with calendars, workflows, templates, folders, and tasks. 

Collaboration - You can rely on various other communication tools other than email. You can use a project management tool for approvals, proofing, organizing dashboards, adding comments, and assigning tasks.

Documentation - You can keep your files safe and avoid missing essential documents through file management features, including storage of all files, versioning, and editing. 

Evaluation - You can track and assess the growth and productivity of your business with resource management and reporting.

What is Trello

Trello is an online corkboard, at its core. You can use this project management tool to organize cards into different lists. The cards can be shared files, projects, notes, tasks or anything else that assists your team working together.

The idea of Trello is simple. If you want to create a useful project management tool, you need complete visibility over all relevant flexibility and tasks to rearrange them according to the changes in your priorities. Trello provides you with:

  • Cohesion
  • Organization
  • Visualization
  • Sanity
  • Accountability

What You Can Do With Trello

With Trello board, you can organize your work in the lists of cards. After that, you can rearrange and quickly adapt those cards to new circumstances. This is the reason the tool is best for project management. Here are some problems that Trello can solve:

  • Transparency
  • Forgetfulness
  • Clarifying projects
  • Accountability
  • Wasted meetings
  • Long email threads

Strengths of Trello

Trello Pros

With Trello, you will receive instant notifications. With Trello, you do not miss out on your tasks as you will receive an email and a seamless notification when a task is completed, updated, or removed. You can never miss a deadline ever, as Trello will also notify you whenever it’s near. You can add due dates when you are adding cards. Whenever you pass the due date, the card turns red, and when the date nears, it turns yellow. By marking the card as completed, you can avoid red cards.

Trello Notifications

Trello provides the opportunity to manage your projects in The Kanban system that was founded in the 1950s by Toyota. By using the Kanban system, you can schedule your tasks in small components with the help of cards and boards. This system plays a major role in the development process.

Trello Kanban Board


Trello is a mobile-friendly project management tool and works on every platform. The tool can adjust on any screen size to fit a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. So, with it you can be sure to always have your project management system on the go. 

Now, you do not have to worry about crushed-up post-in notes on your table. What we hate about post-in notes is that we find them everywhere scattered, and it feels like a mess. But with Trello, everything important about your current or upcoming projects is neatly organized in a unified system

Trello Search Option


In general, Trello is a project management tool with the best pricing structure when compared to other tools of the same nature. You have an option in which you can create lists, cards, boards and invite unlimited members of your team.

Trello Pricing Options

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Weaknesses of Trello

As Trello has a good name due to many reasons, you should also remember that Trello does not work without data access or Wi-Fi. For example, if you are traveling and have to set your device on airplane mode, you cannot use Trello. For some people, this may turn out  to be really irritating. 

Trello is an inexpensive tool to help teams work on their projects. However, this project management tool does not contain some robust, agile features. Also, you cannot unify the high-level view of your teammates’ work by making daily stand-ups hard. As a result, you may feel difficulty in handling big projects. So, if you are managing multiple teams around the world, Trello is not quite exactly what you need. Trello is perfect for when you are completing simple team projects or do not have to scale. 

In Trello, you can attach an unlimited number of files to a card, but the file limit is 10MB for each attachment for a basic member. Only if you are a Trello Gold or business class member, you can enjoy a 250MB file size uploading limit.

There is another problem with Trello commenting as you cannot edit your comment on a card. When you write and save a comment, you can only add a new comment rather than editing the previous comment.

You cannot share or create long-term plans. This tool is simple and helps in easily stage development of the software, but you cannot road map. No matter if the project has a two-week sprint, you cannot attach or link your cards with a large roadmap objective.

What is the Notion

Notion is one of the best project management tools for individuals and teams who want to make the things and tasks done by creating their own workspace. There are three core features of Notion:

Tasks - You can create your business tasks on a new board or design a to-do-list process on your own.

Documents  - You can work offline and begin new documents.

Wikis - It almost feels like a website and allows you to design, edit and create your own layouts.

Other Features

Other important features of Notion include:

  • Flexibility
  • Offline Access
  • Easy on-boarding
  • Range of tool/media to embed

Strengths of Notion

You will find Notion to be a user-friendly project management tool. According to the users, Notion takes time to set up, but this app is best navigating software for new users with an easy workflow. The technical support is amazing with easy to understand instructions. 

Notion Desktop


This project management tool is an all-in-one tool as well. This is the reason Notion has a tagline “the all-in-one workspace.” Users don’t have to switch windows or open multiple tabs every time. Everything is under a single roof, saving a lot of time, which makes it even more convenient for users. 

Notion includes a suite of features. Notions allow you to manage your to-do-list and take notes. You can also track your dues, bills and information in a database found in your personal finance page.

Notion is an organizing tool and it is famous for its uncluttered and clean user interface. In addition to that, you can easily navigate through databases and spreadsheets, which makes the file organizing seamless. So Notion understands that organizing is a key element for productivity.

Moreover, you can use Notion across different devices. You can choose from mobile, web or desktop devices. This way, you can bring your work and access from anywhere, anytime. 

Notion Desktop


Notion has a free trial so that you can decide if you want to purchase this tool or not. So if it does not come out to be the management tool you were looking for, you will not end up spending your money in purchasing a tool that you do not want. However, using a free version for a long time does not work as it is limited.

Notion Pricing

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Weaknesses of Notion 

Setting up Notion requires a lot of time, and the mobile app needs fixes. Some people prefer software that sets up quickly and easily without wasting their precious time. However, many consider the time taking process natural and do not mind. Moreover, the mobile version of this application is not as instinctive as the desktop version.

Notion needs improvement in various capabilities. This project management tool is impressive, but many users want to be capable of annotating and collaborating on images and PDFs. Also, you cannot lock pages so everybody can edit the content. Many users think that Notion should integrate with design tools such as UXPin and Sketch. 

Notion comes in a free and a paid version. The free version has limited features such as 1000 blocks and much more. This may be acceptable as this version is for students, and you have to pay nothing.

The reliability of the notification of Notion is sometimes irritating. There is a notification option available where you can tag your teammates for assigning due dates and tasks. Unfortunately, if the Notion of the tagged person is off on their end, they will not receive the notification.

Notion vs Trello Cons

Technical Specification


  • Platform: Cloud, IOS, and Android
  • Support: Online
  • Language support: Support 20 languages: English, French, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, Spanish


  • Platform: Cloud, Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android
  • Support: 24/7
  • Languge: Only English


Notion and Trello both are great services, which help you get things done. It is normal to compare both the applications as it is hard to decide which one is better and suits your workflow. However, this article is enough to clear up doubts and decide on the right project management tool. And if you'd like to move your data from or to Trello, make sure to drop us a message, as we'll do it the best way possible!

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