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How Does Data Import to Teamwork Operate?

Easily migrate project data to Teamwork in a breeze using our streamlined migration service, following an easy process. However, if you have individual needs, you might want to select a customized approach.

Step 1. Set up a connection between your starting point and target product management systems.

Step 2. Configure your connection by selecting the projects you wish to add.

Step 3. Select the project records you want to import.

Step 4. Verify that the data fields are synced correctly in both platforms and make any needed adjustments if required.

Step 5. Start a Free Demo to preview how the data will appear after the project migration.

Step 6. If everything is set, proceed with the Full Data Migration.

Fantastic job! Your data import to Teamwork is completed. Now, you can proceed with your task in your newly adopted collaboration platform.

Step 1. Contact our assistance reps to discuss a tailored data import into Teamwork.

Step 2. Wait while our technical team tailors a assignment import just for you.

Step 3. Choose a Demo Migration to verify the accuracy of all transferred records.

Step 4. In case everything looks great, move forward with your Entire Data Migration.

Well, that's a conclusion on your Teamwork data import. Now, you can unleash new possibilities for your project management.

Why Project Management Migration Is the Ideal Solution for Migrating Your Records to Teamwork

Importing to Teamwork became simple

Using our migration service, you are just one click away from your successful data import from or to Teamwork. Import projects via CSV, XML, or alternative project management software within a few clicks. Thus, say goodbye to manually-performed data migration and hello to a new product management tool in no time.

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Protect your information secure while transferring

Project Management Migration service places a strong emphasis on data safety. We use cutting-edge protection measures and thorough checks to safeguard your project migration through the transfer process. Our strategy includes but not limited to, overseeing records, safeguarding servers, following industry guidelines, and other measures.

Transfer project information with a trusted transfer tool

With positive reviews and awards, our team continues to be a top contender for transferring project management data. But we are dedicated to improving the Migration Wizard, constantly introducing new functionalities to provide an even more enhanced journey.

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Gain from robust mapping options

Preserve task connection and diminish the need for manually data entry using Project Management Migration. Our automated transfer software offer effortless mapping of default and custom fields. You can quickly associate users and create any absent accounts or fields during the upload workflow to Teamwork.

Carry out a seamless migration to Teamwork

Plan your Teamwork import during non-working hours so your team workflow won't get affected. Or select for a Delta Migration to move source project management data first and then the new tasks. So, your employees can keep working with the original project management software during the migration.

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Let our experienced support team assist you

No need to confront any challenging migration obstacle alone. With years of experience in data transfer, our dedicated support team is here to aid you throughout the complete data transfer procedure. Simply contact our friendly support team regarding your project migration to Teamwork, and they will take care of the rest.

What Entities Can You Transfer to Teamwork Automatedly?

The Migration Wizard enables you to move a plethora of different record types to Teamwork. Here’re what data entities you can migrate to your new project management platform automatically.

If you have any specific requirements for importing your information into Teamwork, be sure to reach out to our support staff to discuss the specifics in depth.

Project Management entities

Download checklist

Learn how to import tasks into Teamwork

Get ready for task import to Teamwork by checking an comprehensive step-by-step manual.

What are the charges will Teamwork import pricing?

The Teamwork data import cost is determined on the following aspects: data volume, extra modifications, and import complexity. Try a Free Demo Migration to explore how Migration Wizard works and find out the price of your project import.

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How Can We Protect Your Project Data while Import into Teamwork?

We strive to keep your data information as safe as achievable throughout the migration process. That’s the reason why our team consistently adheres to stringent data measures.

Two-factor authentication process

Make use of the 2FA option to safeguard your application account. When logging in to the Migration Wizard, you will be asked for an authorization code, ensuring only authorized individuals can access your account.

Triple-layer information protection

Rest assured that your information migration is subject to comprehensive protection across three levels. These levels include physical safety to prevent material and software-based breaches, online security to stop digital hazards, and software-level protection to prevent unauthorized access.

Security compliance

Ensuring the information protection and adhere to various major security regulations. Our migration tool complies with various certifications, including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI (Level 1,) as well as numerous, with the list continuously growing.

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Experience a Data Import to Teamwork with Small Work

Carry on with your current projects while Migration Wizards manages the data import procedure
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Revealing the secrets of effortless data migration

Obtain invaluable knowledge on task management data migration with our weblog, filled with expert advice and insights.

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