Choose Your Winner: ClickUp vs Monday for Project Management

Assigning tasks, keeping track of deadlines, and evaluating project progress are only possible with a proper project management app. But which one to choose: ClickUp vs Monday?

In this blog post compares each platform’s features to help you pick the right one. Let’s compare Monday and ClickUp to the following criteria:

  • What features do ClickUp vs Monday include?
  • What is the pricing model of ClickUp vs Monday?
  • How to use each tool for project management?
  • What are ClickUp vs Monday management pros and cons?
  • Which tool will work better for personal or private use?

Take a Closer Look at ClickUp vs Monday at a Glance

PricingFrom $0 to $19 per userFrom $0 to $16 per month
Forever free planYesYes
Free plan storage100 MB500 MB
IOS and Android appsMarkOtto
IOS and Android appsYesYes
Enterprise planYesYes
Real-time chatYesNo
Video chatYesNo
Note appYesNo
Overall bird-eye viewYesNo
Time trackingYesYes
Slash commandsYesNo
Emails sent and receivedYesYes
Task trayYesNo
Dynamic recurring tasksYesNo
User profilesYesNo

Figure 1. ClickUp vs Monday comparison table

Software Overview: Monday vs ClickUp Standoff

ClickUp and Monday have excellent reviews, making picking one for your company challenging. In general, they’re cloud-based platforms to simplify the user’s experience and save the time and money needed to store big data. At the same time, the cloud platform allows for easy access to update data in real time.

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp project management software is an all–in–one productivity tool that enables managers to manage people, projects, and products, by assigning tasks and milestones and checking performance. Plus, it offers many excellent automation and customization options to help users manage their projects better.

What is Monday?

Monday is a flexible agile-enabled platform that allows team members to collaborate across different departments. It also offers a lot of cool productivity features to ease workflow.

Reviewing Feature of Monday vs ClickUp

With multiple project tracking, product management, and workflow management tools, finding the best one for your company can be challenging. Here’s how Monday vs ClickUp stack up.

Dashboards of ClickUp vs Monday

Which user experience is better and more customizable, ClickUp or Monday?

Monday uses artificial intelligence to help you set up your account and have a broad view of all your projects, even if it’s your first time using a productivity tool. The intuitive dashboard offers many customization options to help you tweak the features to suit your company and teams better.

ClickUp vs Monday Dashboard

Example of dashboard. Source:

ClickUp has a clean and easy-to-understand user interface. Users can click and drag items, add tags, and add and remove team members within seconds. And it has no learning curve making it an excellent choice for small and big teams.

ClickUp Dashboard

Example of ClickUp dashboard. Source: ClickUp

ClickUp vs Monday: Reviewing Widgets

ClickUp project management software has over 50 productivity widgets and a time tracker for ClickUp to help teams manage their businesses. These include time-tracking features, tables, workload features, calendars, and several external apps.

Portfolio Widget ClickUp

Portfolio widget in ClickUp. Source: ClickUp

Monday project management tool focuses more on productivity and management tools. When you sign up, you need to answer questions about your company and team's purpose. Then assign widgets that suit your business better. Yet, it lacks some time-tracking features that make ClickUp so impressive.

ClickUp vs Monday Widget widget. Source:

Comparing Views ClickUp vs Monday

ClickUp facilitates the process of project and task management by offering different views. These tools are available to team members and managers, who can view and manage diverse teams.

Using this tool, you can leverage Kanban boards, timelines, mind maps, workload and activity views, and the built-in calendar to track work progress. Gantt charts in ClickUp are also quite appealing to users.

Gantt Chart ClickUp

Gantt charts in ClickUp. Source: ClickUp

In contrast, the Monday project management tool offers various project views to help working on many projects. This feature is a big plus when assigning team members to different tasks or projects.

Managers and team members can see each project's status and completion percentage. And several users can update the workflow in real-time. This feature eliminates bottlenecks in the workflow and facilitates collaboration. Users can view their work on Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and calendars.

Kanban Board Monday

The Kanban view in Source:

Collaboration and Communication in ClickUp vs Monday

So, which tool allows for better communication, ClickUp or Monday?

Monday vs ClickUp communication features differs significantly, as ClickUp offers more communication and collaboration features. These include chats, video chats, notes, or the whiteboard app. Users can also add comments and record their screens to share them with other parties.

ClickUp Conversations

A conversation in ClickUp. Source: ClickUp

The Monday task management features also allow exchanging comments. But they store all exchanges in the inbox for easy access. Video chat isn’t available, which can be inconvenient, especially for smaller teams.

Learning Center in ClickUp or Monday

Learning how to use all productivity features can always be challenging. Monday understands this inconvenience and offers an intuitive learning center to explore the platform's potential.

When you first create your account, the platform walks you through a few steps to customize the app. This way, you get clarifications on the widgets or tools you want to use in the present or the future. The Monday project management tool also offers articles and videos about every feature and how to use the platform better.

Learning Center Monday

Learning center in Source:

To top it off, ClickUp doesn't include a learning center; the platform makes everything self-explanatory. Generally, ClickUp might be more intuitive and easier to use. But Monday is full of cool management features that need detailed guidelines.

Integrations Offered by Monday and ClickUp

So, which app will integrate better with other tools your company uses, ClickUp or Monday?

Both tools offer multiple integrations to allow you to create a one-stop solution for all your teams’ tasks. ClickUp and Monday can integrate with thousands of productivity, organization, accounting, and time-tracking apps and tools to provide more value to your company.

Such integrations will be a big plus if you’re not satisfied with the lack of time tracking. Integrations with ClickUp will improve its ability to work as a productivity tool.

Cost and Efficiency: Analyzing Monday vs ClickUp Price Points

Monday vs ClickUp pricing models are designed to cater to the users’ needs, they work best. Since ClickUp is a good tool for smaller teams, it can also be an excellent choice for freelancers and professionals needing a personal app.

ClickUp pricing offers a free plan with

  • unlimited tasks
  • real-time chat
  • collaborative views
  • two-factor authentication

Three more plans cost $5, $12, and $19. The Enterprise plan is the most advanced one and offers the entire stack of ClickUp. To get a quote, contact the ClickUp pricing sales team.

Pricing ClickUp

ClickUp pricing. Source: ClickUp

Like ClickUp, Monday pricing delivers a free plan

  • 2 supported users
  • unlimited access to documents
  • more than 200 templates
  • up to three boards for work view

Three advanced plans cost $8, $10, and $16. There's also an Enterprise plan; contact the Monday pricing sales team to know more.

Monday Pricing

Monday pricing. Source:

To sum up: although the lower-tier plans of ClickUp cost less, Monday pricing is more affordable if you’re looking for advanced tasks.

Alternatives to ClickUp and Monday

Choosing a project management tool is about getting the correct value for your money. So, if you are unsatisfied with the price plans, search for alternatives to Monday and ClickUp.

If you want a more customized alternative to ClickUp with a better project management experience, pick Hive, Wrike, and Asana. These ClickUp alternatives deliver better team management capabilities.

Other alternatives to ClickUp include Assembla and Teamwork. Trello is another affordable alternative to ClickUp. It’s also a more suitable alternative to ClickUp for smaller teams.

Calendar View ClickUp

Calendar view in ClickUp. Source: ClickUp

Since time tracking with Monday features aren’t comprehensive enough, consider Wrike or Smartsheet for more intuitive collaboration.

For a milestone-creating alternative to Monday, Asana and Basecamp will be better. Each one will be a good alternative to Monday for monitoring progress. Other superb Monday alternatives include Jira Software, Microsoft Projects, and Zoho Projects.

Harness the Power of ClickUp and Monday for Your Project Management

It all comes to how the tool performs when put to the test. Here’s how you can use Monday vs ClickUp for managing projects.

ClickUp as Project Management Tool

ClickUp is valued for its scalability and flexibility. You can also work in offline mode. But to set it up for the first time, follow these steps:

  • Sign up and create your workspace
  • Set up your projects and tasks
  • Create automation for recurring tasks and subtasks
  • Customize your views and visuals
  • Monitor your work in Gantt charts in ClickUp

ClickUp Mind Map

An example of a mind map in ClickUp. Source: ClickUp

Monday as Product Management Tool

Monday has a learning curve, so you need more time to explore its full potential. Yet, this tool provides a learning center with excellent tutorials to get you started and walk you through your project management system.

Similarly, you can create a project board, but a task board is also available. The app can also offer different prompts if you need clarification on the following step:

  • Create a project board
  • Assign groups using colors
  • Assign team members to the People column
  • Check the status and timeline columns and display the date from the calendar
  • Visualize your data and automate your workflow
  • Connect boards

Board View Monday

An example of a board in Source:

What Are the Pros and Cons of Monday vs ClickUp for Project Management?

While both tools are handy, each one comes with pros and cons that you need to consider.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of ClickUp



  • Exceptional quality support
  • Communication tools and messaging integrations
  • Managers can have a broad view of all activities
  • Goals creation for teams and members
  • Clean user interface
  • Multiple views, including Gantt charts in ClickUp
  • Customization takes more time
  • It might not satisfy the needs of bigger teams or members that work on multiple projects

Figure 2. Strong and weak sides of ClickUp

What Are Benefits and Drawbacks?



  • Artificial intelligence setup
  • Easy to use
  • Better data retention
  • Due dates and prioritization
  • User and team reports
  • It doesn’t offer a lot of time-tracking features
  • It can be a bit overwhelming to set up

Figure 3. Advantages and disadvantages of

Regardless of the app you decide to use for your company, you can always migrate your data with the Project Management System Migration service. This unique service allows you to take control of your data and safely transfer it to the tool of your choice. You don’t have to figure out how to do it or worry about your data getting altered. Just contact the support team and set up a Free Demo to transfer your project information.

Which Companies Have Unlocked the Power of Monday and ClickUp?

Although Monday and ClickUp are productivity management tools, each can work better for particular work environments.

ClickUp is a collaboration tool designed for all companies and industries. But, it’s suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, including many views and an intuitive user interface. This way, you can ease communication between team members.

Larger enterprises might find ClickUp needs more advanced management features. Yet, you can solve this problem by integrating ClickUp with any other helpful tool.

ClickUp Task Management

List view in ClickUp. Source: ClickUp

Monday task management features to streamline workflow within and across teams. It supports team collaboration and productivity for various businesses.

Like ClickUp, this tool comes with features for SMBs and large companies that focus on managing sales and keeping track of campaign progress. Regardless of missing time tracking with Monday, it’s an excellent tool if you’re looking for an enterprise-level solution.

Monday Team Project for project management. Source:

How Monday and ClickUp Can Help Boost Your Freelancing Work

ClickUp is a better tool for personal use if you’re a freelancer or work with a small team. Monday is better suited for private businesses with some developer experience. The free plan works for smaller companies, but the tool is more suitable for bigger ones.

Take Your Projects to the Next Level By Using Monday and Clickup

In the Monday vs ClickUp comparison, both tools can help manage multiple tasks and projects, but each comes with unique features. So, is ClickUp or Monday better for your business?

ClickUp is an excellent tool for less experienced users and smaller teams. It comes with a built-in time tracker for ClickUp to keep track of deadlines and is an excellent alternative to Monday if you’re a freelancer.

Monday is a comprehensive tool for managing workflow. Monday task management features to cater to the needs of enterprises that manage bigger teams and works for team members who work on multiple projects simultaneously. It’s a friendly alternative to ClickUp if you need a more comprehensive productivity solution.

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